Vejea's Free Lunch

Free Lunch is a multifaceted art diet including a fully-illustrated ebook and a sonically dynamic audiobook. This project is free to the public and brought to you by the author Vejea Jennings, executive producers Arash Haile and Abe Cajudo, and other artists who love you like all things free.

The ebook

From the writings and imagination of Vejea Jennings springs a visually-enthralling eBook. Designed by Abe Cajudo, Free Lunch features the art and illustrations of Vee Caragay, Jean Ryoo, and Rina Morales. Photographers Dunn Del Mundo, Doug Dickerson, Roxanna Sanchez and Daniel Galang provide stirring images to complete this artistic moment that is as necessary as food.

The audiobook

Executive Producer Arash Haile and SoFull Entertainment bring you the Free Lunch audiobook, an edgy collision of voice from poets, comedians, educators, and activists. Readers include: Rene Gube, Jason Magabo Perez, Denise Pacheco, Maria Elizabeth Rodriguez, Brian Babb, Jimmy Pascascio, Rafa Navar, Cat Tugade, and the author, Vejea Jennings.

mp3 download

Free mp3 download

Click HERE to download an MP3 of “The Dirtayy Monster Make Out/Love/War/Up”, a remix to one of the tracks on the Free Lunch audiobook.